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  1. When the wind blows, there are flowers.
    Speaking of falling flowers, I can’t help but think of, “Dad’s flowers are falling, I am no longer a child.” The flower of the flower in March and April is particularly beautiful. I do n’t know how many times I picked up the pen to draw the flowers, but it was just a misty thing. I was ignorant when I was young, until I understood, her father had gone. The flowers are falling, and Yingzi will grow up. This sentence feels deeply, and because of this sentence, I fell in love with the old things in the south of the city. I didn’t understand it when I was a kid, I just turned it over a few times, and I didn’t pay much attention, and now I just generous.
    This still remember the cricket tree in the courtyard, and remember that the camel’s team bell is long and long. When I walked into the book, I was envious of my elder brother and sister when I was a kid.
    The old things in the south of the city told Yingzi’s childhood past. Hui’an Museum’s silly crazy woman found her daughter with the help of Yingzi, but was teased by fate … Life is rare to gather together, only separation.
    “Outside the long pavilion, the edge of the ancient road, Fang Cao Bi Liantian …” This is a song sang by Yingzi when he was young. Sorrow.

  2. Chinese brand
    1, Zhou Dafu jewelry. China’s largest jewelry brand, Chow Tai Fook’s gold is the international benchmark, sitting in the number one position in the Chinese jewelry industry.
    2, Zhou Shengsheng jewelry. Hong Kong’s first jewelry company to appear on the Internet, with market share ranking second in the Chinese jewelry industry.
    3, Lao Fengxiang. China’s gold jewelry first brand, revenue ranks third in the nation’s jewelry industry.
    4, Liufu jewelry. The four major jewelry brands in Hong Kong are undoubtedly the youngest.
    5, Xie Ruilin. Xie Ruilin, an old -fashioned Hong Kong jewelry dealer with the same name with Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng, and Liufu, the company was the largest jewelry exporter in Hong Kong when it was listed.
    6. The leader of Chinese fashion lottery jewelry.
    7, Zhou Dasheng jewelry. The largest number of Chinese jewelry stores is Zhou Dasheng, and its market occupies the top three nationwide, and later among many jewelry brands in China.

    8, psychic jewelry. For the first time in the Chinese jewelry industry, it has the world’s top diamond cutting patent.
    9, I do. The world’s only brand that enters the wedding ring field with market strategies.
    10, Chiba Jewelry. With the largest Carat diamond warehouse in China.
    world brand
    . Tiffany

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