Want to open a gift customized company to help give a suitable company name.

September 23, 2022

It is best not to use the word "Li", think of a ✘✘ Trading Co., Ltd..

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  2. A good company name can reflect the company's business philosophy, corporate culture, make people remember, and obtain more accurate and effective promotion, achieve good free publicity effects, how to name gift companies, give you some suggestions.
    (1) Dedicated wording method
    The types of special words: one is the habit of use in some industries, and the other is a special favorite word formed in some industries formed in long -term historical development. Essence The word "Tang" used in Chinese medicine stores is like Rentang, Cai Tongdetang, etc.; "Rooms" used in Western Pharmaceuticals, such as Huamei Pharmacy, Crown Heart Pharmacy, etc.; Western restaurants use the word "social", such as Huamei Western Food Club, De Dacai Food Club Wait.
    (2) Jiyu name method
    "Xing", "Long", "Yuan", "Mao", "Fa" and other words often appear on the signboards of old shops. Business people like to ask for auspiciousness and pay attention to mouthcolors. For example, the old -fashioned Yue Shengzhai was founded in 1775. The store is named "Moon Shengzhai", which means "Moon and Moon prosperity"; He Sheng Five -Star Beer Factory was founded by Shandong people Zhang Ge and Hao Sheng for fund -raising. It is named "Shuanghe Sheng", which means "co -organizing the two sides and lush wealth".
    (3) Costing the name method
    The auspicious words that the public like in the company's stores to cater to the customer's blessing psychology to solicit business.
    (4) Name combination method
    It, Japan's Panasonic Electric Company and the United States Ford Motor Company are all such naming methods.
    (5) Elegant characters name
    This method of naming the store is the unique commercial naming of China. Because China is influenced by Confucianism, there is a tradition that there is a concept of heavy text and restraint, so some merchants have named commercial places like literati, such as "fasting", "pavilion", "Xuan", "residence" , "Garden" and so on.
    (6) The name of the saying goes
    The saying that the names named after using the saying say that their names can be accepted by most public. The famous Wang Mazi and Dogs are named as the saying. "Delicate" king of melon seeds, "freshness" pork ribs, etc., have a loud name given people a kind of intimacy.
    (7) Homocracy name
    It using this method to name it, it seems that it is a coincidence. It is unique to read it. "Yu Xinxian Pharmacy", from the voice of "conscience", made the public feel that the boss did not make the sincerity of doing money.
    (8) self -proclaiming method
    using self -exaggeration to name, mainly to see the advantages of the company's reputation and product quality in the company's name Apply pressure to give the public a sense of trust. For example, the Shanghai Jincheng Craft Club, the significance is that in the competition, such as Jincheng Tangchi, the attack cannot be broken.
    (9) Logo Naming method
    The logo naming method is mainly marked by the real object to highlight the significant characteristics of the company and the company. Now it has developed into part of the CIS (enterprise identification system). The famous black monkey hat shop is to make a wooden black monkey into a shop to show its historical tradition to distinguish it from other hat shops.
    (10) brand name method
    brand naming, generally refers to the company's company's name after creating a brand name, such as the former green gold pen factory of Shanghai, The Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Company is based on their own brand products "Lvbao Golden Pen" and "Phoenix".
    (11) Finding the naming method
    The reform and opening up opened the door to China to the world. Especially after China joined the WTO, the pace of integration into the world has stepped up. The name of the name is also required to accept our products abroad, so it is a good way to name the general foreign name, using foreign names (translated) to name the company.
    The method is provided to you, how to choose you determined by yourself.

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