How much does it cost to get the hair first or dye the hair first

September 20, 2022

Whether to attach or dye your hair first
Hair extensions before coloring. This will keep your hair color consistent. There are two main popular hair extensions: adhesive hair extensions and button hair extensions. Bonding receiver is the first hair using High end Woman Wigs into a wisp of a wisp of, each of about 10 to 20 hair, then use the viscose, rich in keratin in a wisp of hair roots, in the proper place to take the same hair amount of hair, the hair quickly picks up in the roots of the hair, hair to a cm distance. The adhesive will set quickly, and a strand of tall hair will be attached. If it is not needed in the future, go to the salon and have the hairdresser heat the gel to dissolve, or apply a special wash to the joint and remove the hair strand by strand.

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Pick hair can let a female within a short period of time has a variety of hair, but there are numerous kinds of hair, borders, one is a kind of is non-trace receiver, as well as with a hair, the latter answer the words according to the length is not the same as the number of need is different also, if you need to be around 300-350 after 60 cm tall, may be 400 yuan to buy their own, Go to the barber shop to pick up the cost of work is about 100 yuan, pick up 400 rub most half an hour. ​Normally at 0.7 to 0.9 yuan a cue. If it is a piece of hair, between 20 and 35 yuan.

The longer the hair, the better the hair quality, the more costly the price is, the general amount of money, the type of hair without a trace is also numerous, more common are the hair without a trace, nano connection method, crochet method, each kind is suitable for different situations of people. Of course, the cost is not the same, starting from 1700 yuan for non-trace grafts, 4000 to 8000 yuan for nano non-trace grafts, 8000 to 10000 yuan for crochet hair extensions. The biggest advantage of traceless hair extensions is that you can alter your hairstyle at will. If you are not satisfied with your head shape, you can alter it according to your own needs.

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