Plasma cutting machine accessories 65/85/105/125 filter cup old 428015 new transparent filter cup 428352


SKU: 32867677111
  • Application: PM65-125A
  • Model Number: 428015
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Shopping instructions:
1、Please check your receipt address to ensure that you receive the product.
2、Please communicate with me to provide you with better service
3、A few days after payment, please pay close attention to the order. We may have some information to check, or we need more communication with you.
About the product:
1、Completely replace the original product.The cutting quality is good, durable, the price is low, and the quality is good.
2、Our products are very complete, including laser accessories, plasma accessories.
3、Completely replace the original product. If you have engraving codes and packaging requirements, you can contact us.
4、  If you are cutting the plate thick or perforated, you can contact us to provide you with better quality products.  
product price:
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Logistics / Express:
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