1 thought on “The main content part of the Guerbang Festival in Gurbang Festival”

  1. The main contents of the Gurbon Festival are:

    1. A ceremony is held. Muslims gathered in the Daqing Mosque or public places to hold grand rituals and celebrations.

    2. Loves, ordinary Muslims are prepared to kill animals before the festival. The animals must be healthy, divided into three types: camel, cattle, and sheep. After the slaughter, the meat should be divided into three copies, leaving them for self -use, giving away relatives and friends, and giving up to the poor.

    3. Muslims in Xinjiang, China call the festival “Greater” (big festival). On this day, Muslims were carefully dressed, slaughtered animals, invited relatives and friends to come to visit, and also held various cultural activities.

    . In the Hui Muslims, the emphasis on the festival is lower than the Eid, and it is generally called “Little Elde” (small holiday).

    5. The ceremony is one of the core contents of the Gulbang Festival. After Muslims are bathing and changing clothes, the ceremony will be held in the city center mosque or a wide countryside to recite the “Gulan” and commemorate the prophets and praise the sages as the main content. Every year, Muslims in various places have to quit food for half a day, and they eat after the ceremony.

    6. Three days near the Gurbon Festival, the housewife of every family is busy. They want to make a large number of fried dumplings and various exquisite snacks. Far guests are prepared to have sufficient food. The festival has also become a big display and competition for housewives to cook and hold the family.

    7. The worship of the early morning of Gurbang is the largest week of the year. All adult men go to the local worship temple to participate in the ceremony. The scene is spectacular.

    8. After gathered, all households must go to the graveyard to pray, miss and pray for the dead relatives.

    9. In Xinjiang, the famous Kashgar Ai Tiher Halal Temple is over, and the musicians will climb on the top of the door of the Grand Temple of Aidili, knock on Nagra (Iron shell drum), blowing up Surnai (Suon in Suona), the men in the square in front of the big temple will jump up the warm and unrestrained Sama dance in a timely manner to express the festive feelings.

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