The first time I heard that I got 5 gold for marriage, which 5 gold refers to?

I have only heard three gold. For the first time, I heard that I got 5 gold for marriage. So which 5 gold does it mean? Does anyone know?

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  1. Gold necklaces, gold bracelets, gold rings, gold bracelets, golden foot chains are calculated! I am going to get married without buying gold, so I buy 3 gold bauhinia to buy a silver for my wife. I don’t like to wear it.

  2. When you get married, you often hear 3 gold, but rarely hear 5 gold. So what does 5 gold mean? Interested friends can take a look at the related matters of the wedding 5 gold with the editor of the wedding Ji.

    . Which is 5 gold in marriage
    because of different customs, the purchase of gold jewelry for marriage is also different. It is a gold ring, a gold bracelet, a gold earrings, and the wedding hardware is a gold ring, a gold necklace, a gold earrings, a gold bracelet, and a gold pendant. There are also regions who do not buy gold pendants but buy two gold bracelets. Certainly.

    . The reason for getting a hardware for marriage
    The reason for buying hardware to buy hardware:

    1, the gift
    n The necessary gifts in the place can also see the man’s attention to the woman through hardware, so hardware has also become a must -choose item in the gift. Cai Li Hardware, everyone must remember to give the woman when they are engaged.

    2, blessing

    If in addition to giving gifts for women, it can also show the status of the man’s family. Of course, the most important thing is to express the good blessings of love and marriage for newcomers. Essence In this festive word of Jin Yuliang, Jin is the preciousness of love and marriage, and bless the loved ones forever.

    3. Use

    The hardware will choose a round model in appearance and style, which symbolizes that the two people are tightly tied to certain, which means that the marriage is stable and complete. When toasting, hardware will also become the most matched accessories on the bride’s toasting suit, because the toasting suit is generally based on red cheongsam, and it is very good with gold.

    three. Wedding hardware buying skills
    The hardware is all gold ornaments. In addition to wearing, it can also be used to collect value. Therefore When you also pay attention to some purchase skills.

    1. Choose a gold ring

    The gold ring is a relatively important gold in the wedding hardware. Whether it is a few gold, there will be a gold ring option. It is different from the proposal diamond ring. When you buy a gold ring with the wedding ring, you can consider the role of preservation when buying a gold ring. Choose a little heavier. If you want to wear daily, you can choose to buy a gold ring with diamonds, but the price will be slightly higher.

    2, select the gold necklace

    If the style of the wedding dress is not a lead, then the short necklace will be more suitable; on the other hand The long necklace will be better to embellish the beauty of the bride. In daily life, newcomers generally do not bring the gold necklace with them, so when buying, you can look at more from the perspective of value preservation.

    3, choosing gold earrings

    The style of gold earrings is still more. Generally speaking, simple butt or ear -type exquisite earrings are more suitable for short hair. The bride, looks good, long earrings are more suitable for long -haired brides or temperament brides. If you are curly hair, then the gorgeous earrings of the vertical chain can increase your charm.

    4. Choose a gold bracelet

    The loose and loose bracelets are suitable for the full and rounded bride with a plump arm and wrist, which can increase bright and generous; Choose two or more bracelets, which will make the prospective bride look softer. Gold bracelets can generally be worn daily, so for the convenience of daily life, you can consider the good look of the style. Light.

    5. Choose a gold pendant

    The choice of gold pendant in the hardware is simple and generous, but the pendant is not a fixed configuration in the hardware. Some people choose to buy two two. Gold bracelets instead of gold pendants, or buying other related gold jewelry, such as golden foot chains, which will be different depending on the different customs.

    Wedding 5 gold is actually an extended version of the marriage of 3 gold. Now the economy is better, and everyone will send it more valuable, but the situation in various regions is still different. When there is an error, of course, you must also consider the bride’s preference.

  3. Which is 5 gold in marriage

    1. Gold ring

    The gold ring is the most important thing in the wedding hardware, representing love. The man gave the ring to the woman, expressing his willingness to only love one person for a lifetime. The ring symbolizes marriage, so the ring in hardware jewelry is indispensable.

    2. Gold earrings

    The gold earrings are also one of the wedding hardware. Generally, you choose a simpler style. The earrings mean that they want to be the object of the other party’s pillow. It is a jewelry that express love. When buying a gold earrings, choose the face shape according to the face shape.

    3. Gold chain

    The gold necklace is worn on the neck, which means that the other party is firmly locked. Generally, when the bride wears a Chinese dress, they will wear a gold necklace. The shape of the necklace is generally heart -shaped or flower, bird dragon and phoenix, which are auspicious patterns.

    4. Gold bracelet

    Gold bracelet is a very classic one among wedding jewelry, and it is essential at a Chinese wedding. Young people now do not like to wear gold bracelets, so they can also buy gold bracelets. Gold bracelets are generally a pair, which means good things.

    5. Gold pendant

    The gold pendant is very suitable for a small dress. The pendant is very close to the heart, so the meaning of the gold pendant is to enter the opponent’s heart. The pendant has complex styles and simple styles.

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