Luzhou teenager sells grandparents to antique shops. Do you think the boss should return?

September 23, 2022

4 thoughts on “Luzhou teenager sells grandparents to antique shops. Do you think the boss should return?

  1. The 13 -year -old young man in Chenzhou sold his grandparents' six gold jewelry without knowing his family. After selling 5 pieces to the owner of the local antique shop, the in -laws chose to call the police immediately after they lost their cash jewelry. When the police went to investigate, the boss had always been denied. I believe that I have not traded with my child at all, and I have never seen the child who took the gold chain into the store. The police wanted to get the monitoring of the gold shop, but the boss in the store said that the monitoring had been broken. The boy sold a total of 7,000 yuan in the store, but the grandparents spent more than 10,000 when they bought gold jewelry.
    If according to the Civil Code, minors over 8 years of age are capable people who restrict civil behavior. When selling important things, the other party must confirm with their families before they can recognize their agency rights. It is an invalid behavior to sell valuables brought by children without the consent of their parents. Parents have the right to recover all the things sold by their children, and the gold shop should give it properly. The court works in accordance with the rules, and everyone cannot escape.
    Once the boss does not acknowledge the notice that is recognized, it is always hovering on the edge of the crime. The corresponding items are suspected of illegal crimes. Parents can return antique shops by lawsuits. The boss should understand that children's money must not be able to earn. After all, you will get your demeanor, and you must not use bad behaviors to deceive them. Everyone has to pay a certain price for what they do, so the boss must not be too dark.
    In general, when grandparents take care of their children, they must put their valuable things where children can't get it. If there is a small box at home, grandpa and grandma must lock the precious things in the box. The key must be carried with him, because the child does not know what is useful when he is young. Although grandparents love children very much, do not use the way of doting. If this young grandparents usually do not spend pocket money for their children, then he will not come up with such a way to exchange for money.

  2. It should be returned, and the 13 -year -old Xiao Wu should be a person who restricts civil behavior in the law. The behavior of selling valuables to antique shops should be valid and recognized by its legal agent, otherwise the behavior will be invalid.

  3. I think the boss should return. Originally, the child should not accept the boss with the golden weapon. Now it is reasonable to know that the child is returning by himself.

  4. If this young man is under 18 years old, he should return this thing. If you are already 18 years old, the boss should not return, because the 18 -year -old is an adult and has a certain independent ability.

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