3 thoughts on “How to choose a square diamond ring?”

  1. 方 First of all, we should first understand the characteristics of the square diamond ring. The square diamond ring is also known as the princess square diamond. Its appearance is a square, angular and symmetrical squares. With a wide countertop and clear edges and corners, it makes light easier to enter the diamonds and make the diamond brilliance better. It is because of such a cutting design that the glory of the square diamond ring is brighter than other styles of diamonds! Secondly, consumers do not have to consider large diamonds when buying square diamond rings. Consumers generally think that the larger the diamond score, the more shining Essence In fact, Da Cla’s diamond means that the price also increases. If you buy a square diamond ring, the problems in this area may be solved. Because the shape of a square diamond ring will make people’s vision scattered on the four corners of the diamond, the entire diamond countertop will look particularly open, making the diamond ring look larger. Therefore, in the case of limited budget, selecting a square diamond ring specified to meet your requirements.

  2. 指 Many men just understand the rings, but when they are about to enter the wedding hall, they will find a very important problem, that is, the essential of entering the wedding hall is the ring. With so many types, we are always easy to get confused. In fact, the square ring is relatively versatile. Founded is more edges and corners
    From the appearance point of view, the square ring is relatively tough and correct, so new wedding persons who prefer simple style and correct style will be more suitable, and the hand shape is compared Thin people, with square rings, will be easier to modify the hand shape, and will not look too slender, just make people notice the beauty of slenderness, so when we are puzzled with the square ring, how can we choose to think about it? This kind of style.
    In material perspective, many newcomers like to buy diamond rings, while square rings are square on all sides, angular and symmetrical squares. If the material you choose is diamonds, we will find that diamonds are used for different materials. The light of the square ring is very beautiful, and the refracted fire color is very bright. Why is this? The countertop of the square ring is square, and the square is more likely to make the light enter the inside, and there are multi -angle refraction, which is very beautiful. So how should we choose square rings? Just look at your own hand, will the diamond material ring be flickering, and it is not very beautiful to see the four sharp corners under the sun. If you like it, you can better choose
    Marriage is a lifetime. The same is true for wedding rings. I think square rings are a good choice.

  3. 芒 square diamond light is more subtle and low -key. If you like square diamonds and like light, you can choose Brilliant Cut (commonly cut in emerald). Princess square diamonds are the most popular non -round diamonds. Its beautiful glory and unique cut work have become the best choice for the proposal ring. This diamond corner is sharp, the shape is usually square, and some are rectangular. You can choose the most matched diamond with your engagement ring by comparing the length and width ratio of the princess square diamond. The price of square diamonds is also cheaper. If it is compared with round diamonds, it is not so flashy, and the fire color is not so good. Round diamonds are the standard eight arrows and eight -hearted cuts, which will have more consumables than square diamonds. If you want to inlay a ring, it is better to choose a round diamond. If you choose a square princess square -shaped cut diamond, the length and width ratio should be between 1 and 1.05; if you choose a rectangular princess square cut diamond, the length and width ratio should be greater than 1.10.

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