crystal avenue jewelry wholesale Where is the best to buy emerald products from Tengchong?

crystal avenue jewelry wholesale

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  1. jewelry bombs wholesale The day of the collection (once every five days, February, every 1, 6th street, is February 1, No. 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, and 26). The open -air booth of the merchant can take a look, first understand the market, and then choose to bargain with the merchant, without using a commission to the tour guide, the price is more practical. It ’s about ten yuan. In addition, some shops can also go shopping, but look at more and less, and then start.
    Ruili can go, but the jade that Ruili Jewelry Street Burmese is not reliable. Many B and C goods, if you are not a very understandable expert, it is recommended not to buy it casually. In contrast, Tengchong's fake goods are much less. The Tengchong government and the Tourism Bureau have vigorously captured the problems of emerald B and C. Usually, Tengchong does not buy B and C. If you buy it, you can complain. Or it is also possible to let the merchants show the quality inspection and appraisal certificate.
    I I wish you a happy play in Tengchong and buying the appropriate emerald.

  2. silver jewelry wholesale to resell Jade is from Tengyue, transportation is self -reliant, and the first city of China's emerald city has a shop called Fushenglong. The goods are high -end and diverse, exquisitely carved, authentic, and can meet the consumption of different people. It is also a century -old name. My cousin got married and bought a bracelet. The color was light and transparent. When he left, the waiter said that he could go back to change the flowers when he was old.

  3. jewelry charms wholesale canada Tengchong and Shun have a Myanmar Taobao house, which is relatively biased. My wife is from Myanmar. After a few times, I took some of him!

  4. tahitian jewelry wholesale First of all, I have to find a professional person or experts to buy the level. I also like to introduce the jadeite by my friends to check in and Shuncao. The Inn Boss is a high -man who retreats to identify emeralds. It is a truly honorable senior jewelry appraisal certificate. You can ask him

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