What are the idioms that describe gold?

September 23, 2022

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  1. Golden brilliant,
    The solid gold soup,
    Jinkou Yuyan,
    gold list title,
    gold 瓯 No,
    Fengyu Lu,
    Jin Ge iron horses,
    one Nuo Qianjin,
    King Kong's anger,
    is not afraid of fire refining,
    sincere, gold stone is open,
    Jin Yuliang,
    Jin Yumantang,
    gold signboard,
    gold is not red, no one person,
    n one inch of time, one inch of gold,
    to pick up gold,
    gold branches jade leaves,
    fire eyes gold eye,
    golden chicken independence

  2. 1. Golden brilliant: Bi: Emerald green. Describe the decoration of the building is gorgeous and glorious.

    : Luo Dajing's "He Lin Yulu" supplemented: "Everyone thinks that Jin Biying, the minister thinks it to provoke the blood."

    . Golden luster or glory.

    The source: Li Ruzhen's "Mirror Flower" twenty rounds: "I saw a pair of golden couplets on the stone wall of the city gate. "

    3. Jin Yumantang: Hall: Tall Hall. Golden jade treasure full. Describe wealth. Also describe rich knowledge.

    : "Lao Tzu" Chapter 9: "Golden Yuman Church, Mo Zhi can keep it."

    4. Pearl light: beads, treasure: refers to jewelry; light, gas: Describe shining with glory. In the old days, women's clothing was luxurious and rich, shining with the light of treasure.

    S source: Shu Liushan Fang "Nine -tailed Turtle": "Although there are not many pieces of decorations, but the pearls of the pearls, the 晔 晔 晔 人."

    5, gold : 丝: silk fabric. Gold, silk, pearls, beautiful jade. Describe precious things.

    The source: Han Ying's "Han Poems" Volume eighth: "It is also not a gold and bead jade, not for others."

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