5 thoughts on “Liu also bought jewelry to see the price and don't like it. How many times did you be dismissed by the price of things you like?”

  1. In our lives, we often encounter what we like, sometimes buy it, and sometimes they choose to give up because of the price. In this case, I have also appeared, and there are generally not many times. Of course not because I have money, I just know their price, so I won't like it. But if the price is expensive, but if I like it, I will still buy it. Because I think I can be liked, it means that he already has value. Buying something he likes can make himself happy. Happy is the most important, of course, the premise is that the price is the scope I can bear.
    In fact, that's why everyone likes to buy and buy when they like to engage in activities, because they want to save money, and they feel worthwhile. Just like a piece of clothes, some clothes can be bought for more than ten pieces, but some clothes are thousands of. These clothes are all worn, and the difference is that people give it value. If you are a person who values ​​its internal value, no matter how expensive the product attributes others give, you may accept it. But if you are a person who values ​​his external value, once the price of this product exceeds your pre -sale price range, you will not accept it.
    Hen people must learn to control their desires, just like when buying and buying, we need to know whether these things will affect their lives after buying? We buy things to make life better and better, but if we buy and buy, we have made our lives more barren, and even the situation where we have eaten. At this time we should control our desire to buy.
    It people like happiness when buying, and some people like to restrain their sense of desire. There is no wrong or right, but we do n’t want to go extreme. There will always be unhappy in life. Maybe it is the happiness that this little purchase is when buying. A breath. And often buying and buying will only get us into a evil cycle. Therefore, we must learn to restrain consumption and relax ourselves properly.

  2. There are really a lot, because the income is not very high, you can maintain daily expenses of each month, you can't save much money, so I always hesitate to encounter what I like. Essence

  3. Few people can achieve freedom to buy freedom, and the student party is also very poor, but the desire to buy is very strong. I want to buy good -looking clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Things are very expensive.

  4. I have been dismissed many times by the price of things I like, because my financial ability does not allow myself to buy this product at all, and finally give up.

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