Company organize a fun mini -game group construction event scheme (three articles)

September 23, 2022

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  1. Group building activity plan 1

    . Activity purpose: In order to make employees more familiar with the company's existing business and resources; understand the company's other

    Between departments, communication, exchanges and cooperation between colleagues and colleagues; strengthen the cohesion of the company; improve work efficiency and employees' enthusiasm; at the same time, arrange the company's work tasks in the second half of the year, work together to complete the final goal.

    . The theme of the event: "Open your mind, free and unrestrained"

    . Activity time: 20xx year x XX day day x point:

    Fourth, the location of the event: (nearby hotel conference room)

    . Activity participation theme: all employees of XXX

    . Putting on

    Seven. Activity form: Training interactive game

    8. Activity plan: (divided into two parts in total, about 4 hours)
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Prelinding: (about 30 minutes)

    The significance of the boss's cloth, introduce the company's situation, introduce the situation and person in charge of each department, and announce the work goals and work plans in the second half of the year. The following time is given to the heads of various departments.

    The person in charge of each department took turns to introduce members of the headquarters. It is best to use this way, such as: "This is the most dynamic beauty of the customer department -XX", and then XX said hello to everyone, use it, use it to use it, use it, use The most humorous and representative language self -introduction, including work responsibilities, hobbies, etc. The purpose is to make everyone impressed themselves. After all the members of the department are introduced, the person in charge describes the duties of the headquarters, daily work, and combined with the membership. At the same time, the words or sentences that can best represent the work of the department or the future expectations are the code Interactive game slogan).

    The first part: training (the time of each department is controlled in 15 minutes, the Q

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