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  1. In the flat and dull study, work, and life, everyone often sees the composition. The composition is a transition from internal words to external words, that is, from the compressed brief, the language that can understand, to the development, to the development, to the development, to the development. The transformation of external language forms that standardize grammatical structures and can understand others. In order to make you easier and convenient when writing, the following is the collection of buying and returning to the next time I collected and organized. Welcome to share it.
    Me buying the beads and continuous writing articles in the Spring and Autumn Period, a businessman of Chu State sells jewelry, once he went to Qi State to sell jewelry. The box is decorated with the box carving very delicate and beautiful, so that the box will emit a fragrance, and then put the jewelry into the box.
    The Zheng Guoren, who saw jewelry on the street, he stepped forward. The businessman recommended a jewelry for him. What is so fragrant? "The businessman said," It is the fragrance of the box of jewelry. Zheng Guoren said: "The beautiful box, it must be precious!" The businessman said, "Of course, such precious jewelry, so precious jewelry, Be sure to match a precious box! "Zheng Guoren liked the box very much, and said," I like this box, you can sell the box to me, I can give you a double price. "Zheng Guoren used a high price at a high price. After buying the box, I went home happily. The businessman puzzled: "My jewelry is much more expensive than the box! How did he buy the box and leave the jewelry! This person is so strange."
    Only pay attention to the appearance, depending on its inner value.
    Thew -to -beings of buying 珠 2 Everyone has heard the story of "Buy the Back". Since the last time the young master only bought a empty box, he went back and was beaten by his father. So he made up his mind and never took the box again.
    One day, the young master wandered on the street and found that someone introduced a multifunctional box there, in order to facilitate the introduction and more beautiful. He put a piece of stone like jade in it. The young master was very exciting. When he wanted to buy it, he remembered his previous experience, so he bought the stones in the middle of the box. After returning home, he was beaten by his father and told him to learn smart.
    Once, he saw that others were buying cheap and good clothes. He was excited again. When he was preparing to pay, he remembered the last two experiences, so he paid the money and bought nothing. Will be home. After returning home, I told my father that I could imagine ...
    This to return to the beads to continue writing. Three years ago, Zheng Ren lost money in the market because of his inverted upside down.
    three years later, he reflected his last experience lesson, ready to go to the market, and choose a good choice.
    This time, he brighten his eyes and calculate carefully. "I can't do it as hastily like the last time, so I must be careful," he told himself secretly in his heart. While watching, I figured it out: "Well, this looks good ... Well, but it's too expensive. Look at that." "This is not good, at first glance, it is inferior jewelry." Don't miss it, come and see! "At this time, the jewelry of a hawker in front attracted his attention. "Hey! Finally, there is a gentleman who knows the goods. Come on, you come and see, absolutely genuine goods." This hawker quickly pulled him over at the time of seeing Zheng people looking at his jewelry.
    It Zheng people did not believe him easily after the last lesson, but looked at these beautiful pearls. "Oh, this gentleman, you don't know. The pearl I brought yesterday was snatched after a while, thanks to your coming early today." Zheng Ren heard him say this, and the alertness was dispelled. When the hawkers saw it, they quickly said, "Sir, do you know? Come here, all of them are buyers who are wise. Just now, when I see you, I know that you are very wisdom and can from With so many vendors, I think of my pearls. You are definitely a expert. "Really? As soon as Zheng people heard it, I was a little happy: Well, it seems that I really didn't look away this time.
    So he watched these pearls appreciated, "Well, it's good, it looks good." "Yes, sir, I'm the superior imported pearl." The hawker saw the stitches, "Then you Do you want to come? "The diligence and praise of the hawker made him a little fluttering, completely forgotten the lesson of the last experience, and immediately pretended to be generous," Wow! Then you sell it to me! "At this time , When the hawker turned around, and said, "Oh, sir, come, let me show you this again, but this is what I picked out of 10,000 beads. Just take this. "" Well, okay, then this is to be. "Zheng people didn't think much about it. After spending a lot of money, I bought this" best bead ".
    It returned home, Zheng people opened the box, ready to appreciate this "loot". He touched it gently with his hands, and couldn't help but sigh: Hey, finally know the goods! "So, he gave the pearl to the pearl to the pearl to One of his good friends appreciated, but he did not expect that his friend told him that what he bought was definitely not the first -class pearl he saw. He bought it just a ordinary pearl, and it was not worth it at all. "How could this be! I am fooled again!" Zheng Ren was angry and went straight to the market, but Zheng people found a circle and did not see the hawker.
    "Ah-" Zheng people sighed, "No experience killing people!"
    The next morning, in another market, there was another familiar sip: " Don't miss it by passing by, let's look at it! "
    Me buying a lot of writing articles 4 since Zheng Guo's businessman" buying the bead ". He decided to "buy beads and still" in the future.
    So he went to the store to buy pearls again. It happened that a pearl businessman, known as the "savvy merchant", was selling pearls: "Come buy it, the genuine pearl, it is cheaply sold." He walked over, and saw the "savvy high business" sitting in front of the pearl. The red box outside is particularly noticeable. It is engraved with faucet, flowers, and big trees ... The work, the quality, and the world's first. Look at the pearls inside, crystal clear and glorious. He took out a pearl and pretended to be a very inside. It looked like he looked for a long time. Therefore, he bought a pearl and returned the wooden box to the "smart business" in accordance with the rules.
    He returned to the village, and he began to show off: "My pearl is a good product, it is true, and no one is comparable to it. Come and see it, come and see!" Curiously came to make fun. Soon, the villagers surrounded the water. The villagers couldn't help but sigh: "This pearl is really good."
    The hesitated to the crowd and began to show off again: "Look, my pearl is more precious!"
    In at this time, a pearl appraiser Seeing that he looked so happy, thinking that he had bought the real pearl, and walked over and said, "You are so stupid, the pearl is false, do you not see it? It seems that you didn’t take the lesson of the last lesson last time. ! "
    This hesitated ...
    Me buying 椟!!!! 5. , Buy the beads. He hopes to sell a good price in Zheng Guo. So he called a skillful craftsman and asked him to make a box with a piece of sandalwood. The merchants of the Chu country told him to engrave the best dragons and the best phoenix. The box is ready, so delicate and beautiful! Chu businessmen are very satisfied. Then, the night pearl was carefully placed in the box. After
    , he came to Zheng Guo to sell jewelry. After finding a most conspicuous place, shouted loudly: "Selling night pearls! Selling night pearls! ..." In the moment, it attracted a lot of viewers to watch the night pearls. They talked about it. Some people say, "This box is really beautiful, but I think the night pearls look better." Other people said: "This night pearl is valuable to be as round as pearls, as transparent as crystals, and as shiny as diamonds. "But no one dares to ask how much the price is. Finally, a son of a rich man came to see this exquisite box at a glance, thinking: This box is really beautiful, so I bought it. Zheng Guozi smiled and said: How much does this cost? "Chu State businessman said," It takes 5,000 gold. "Zheng Guozi said in surprise:" This is too expensive! "The merchants of Chu State said firmly:" Such a rare treasure cannot be a penny. "Zheng Guozi said helplessly," Well! " I bought it. "He opened a bead inside and said with a smile:" This bead does not admire in this box and gives you back. The businessmen of Chu State were shocked and secretly rejoiced: This person is really unreal and stupid. He said happily: "You have the eyes, you really have the eye, real goods!" "The son became more and more happy. The merchants of Chu Guo saw that he had gone away and slipped. One of them said to the son," The box is worth the city, and this box can be bought only a dozen or two. "The son was very regretful when he heard it, and he pushed him to catch up with his whip, but in the end he did not catch up with him.
    Me buying a pupae Return to Writing Articles 6, everyone has heard of the story of" Buy the Pearl ". After the young master only bought an empty box, he went back and was beaten by his father, so he made up his mind and never took the box again.
    One day, the young master strolled on the street and found that there was a one on the street and found that there was a one. Individuals introduce a multifunctional box there, in order to facilitate the introduction, and more beautiful. He put a piece of stones like jade in it. So I bought the stones in the middle of the box. After returning home, he was beaten by his father, and told him to learn smart.
    once, and he saw that others were buying cheap and good. The clothes, he was excited again. When he was ready to pay, he remembered the last two experiences, so he paid the money and bought nothing, and he would be home. After returning home, he told his father, and the result can be imagined ... …
    Me buying a lot of beads to continue writing articles in the 7th Spring and Autumn Period, Chu State has a jewelery merchant, but he sells all fakes. Because this is made by himself, it ’s a rough look. Out of true and false.
    one day, he shouted to the street as usual, "Hurry up, sell jewelry, this is a priceless treasure, the opportunity must not be lost! "In order to make the jewelry sell better, he made accessories with the boxed box. A antique family came over, and he looked at the box and looked at the pattern of the dragon dragon beads. A unique antique, I must buy this. The antiqueist asked, "How many yuan! "Jewelry merchant said," 8 yuan! "The antique family took out the money to the jewelry merchant.
    After getting it from the antique house, he carefully opened the box, and then returned the fake jewelry inside to the jewelry merchant, and then returned home happily. : Why do this guest only need this box? Is there something special in this box? Do he see that I am a fake person? The merchant has never understood. The "door" in the box was found, and one came out of it, shining, crystal clear gems, the antique family was happy!
    The antique family said sighed in the heart: "Well, people who are fakes will always be Can't tell the true and false! "
    Me buying 珠” ”” 8 has been a derogatory term since ancient times to the present, and the buying beads is a derogatory term, describing people take away without value, leaving precious discarding it. Change the idea, you can take away what you need, and give you not needed to others.
    Mi people may think that the person who buys the beads is very stupid. Alas, took it away, but left the very valuable pearl. I believe that the person who can afford the pearl will not be a fool. He knows the value of the pearl, but he still replaces the pearl to the owner. I feel that buying a mule with the price of pearls is worth it, and the pearls that are not useful for yourself are given people. In his heart, that sister -in -law is more precious than pearls and is more priceless than pearls. R. n   我们觉得钱很重要,钱可以买很多东西,可以让你快乐的度过一生,不知多少人以为了赚更多钱作为目标。但我们试想一下,假如地球上有一个国家,那里的人They are very rich, but the productivity of their country is very backward, and the clothes they wear are very rough. If a foreigner comes to his country, the foreigner brings a very delicate clothes, and maybe the people there will spend time. Buy this dress huge, because Qian is not very useful in their country. They will be laughed at this way, but they feel that they spend a price that they can withstand and buy a priceless treasure for them.
    The is not worth it in the world, only what you think is worth it is the most worthwhile.
    Me buying 椟 9 Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. He often travels between Chu and Zheng Guo, to sell jewelry.
    On this day, he prepared to sell jewelry as usual as usual. On the road, he passed a wooden box shop and the wooden boxes in the store were exquisite. The aroma is aggressive. He thought: If I put the jewelry into these wooden boxes and sell it, they will be able to sell a good price! So, he chose some of the premium wood, please make the craftsman to make a suitable size. The wooden box, and the beautiful patterns are engraved on the wooden box. At the same time, the aroma of the wooden boxes made with spices is charming. In this way, the onlookers are indeed several times more than usual. Attracted by the box, they praised the wooden box's production craftsmanship, fragrant and charming, and it was a rare artwork. This made the merchants very proud, privately happy, and secretly, thought: This time I can make a lot of money!
    This Chu businessman, holding the best jewelry in his hand, carefully introduced the customers who were onlookers, but everyone seemed to be more concerned about those handsome wooden boxes. The exquisite wooden box has been carefully detailed for a long time, and I can't help it. So, I want to buy it at a high price. Jewelry dealers saw that a customer came to the door. I really like this beautiful handicraft work, so I didn’t The bargain was handed over to the jewelry dealer, and he took the box happily. But the Zheng Guoren had just walked a few steps, but returned. Chu's jewelry dealers thought it was that he responded that the price was inappropriate. He wanted to come back to retreat the wooden box and only buy jewelry. Whoever thought, the man actually walked in front of the jewelry dealer, carefully opened the box, took the jewelry inside and handed it to the jewelry dealer, "I'm sorry, because I like this wooden box so much, I didn't find that there was a jewelry in the box. You accidentally left in the wooden box, I made a special trip to return to the jewelry. "
    Peng Guo returned the jewelry to Chu Guo jewelry dealers, and left happily. When I left, my mouth was in my mouth. He was still whispering: "I bought a wooden box, and I almost turned into a jewelry." Chu's jewelry dealers took the jewelry that Zheng Guoren returned. He thought that man liked his jewelry, but he didn't expect the wooden box to be prepared to sell jewelry.
    "It seems that I am not suitable for selling jewelry, but suitable for selling wooden boxes."
    This Takuya continued writing articles 10 long ago, a Chu country has a jewelry business in Zheng Guo. Recently, he found that the business in his store was not very good, and he was very leisurely every day, so he felt very painful: how can you go on this way! He racked his brains and thought about how business was better every day.
    On this day, he said to himself: "Is my jewelry not bright enough?"
    let the jewelry brighter! When he said it, he carefully cleaned up every piece of jewelry, and added some light jewelry to some glowing powder. In this case, his jewelry was shining in the shop and even more charming. Strangely -still no one came to buy things! His heart is getting more and more anxious.
    mi, he suddenly thought of a question: he was a Chu country, this is Zheng Guo, will it be people who don't know that they sell jewelry here? In order to expand his popularity, he called people to send leaflets on the street. But the leaflets sent waves after another, but the business still did not improve. There are really many people who come to his shop to see jewelry, but there are very few people who really buy jewelry.
    That day, when he saw a guest look like jewelry again, but in the end he did not buy it, he suddenly flashed: Will it be the reason why the product is not exquisite enough? So he made each jewelry box carefully, and each jewelry looked more distinguished and moving in their respective jewelry boxes.
    shortly after, a wealthy Zheng Guoren came in the store. He bought a full box of jewelry here. In this box of jewelry, each piece of jewelry is equipped with a delicate box.
    But the magical thing appeared. The next day, the rich Zheng Guoren returned all the jewelry, leaving only one after another exquisite jewelry box. This Chu businessman cried and laughed: Will he give me back these valuable jewelry? Then he couldn't help laughing: It seems that my method is right. Everyone likes the packaging of the outside, and I can't understand the real value of the product at all!
    Since then, the jewelry merchant of this Chu country has decorated the outer packaging of each jewelry enough to attract people's attention, and his business has really getting better and better.
    Puki Return to Writing Article 11 Since the incident of "buying the beads", Zheng Guoren not only lost money, but also laughed at him. No longer fooled.
    One day, the Zheng Guoren came to the bustling market again, and in the distance, he heard a stunning sound. He made up and finally squeezed into the crowd. "Look at it for a look, this box is made of high -end pear flower trees. Whether it is gifts or collections, it is a good product ..." The merchant said while showing the box, and I saw the exquisite pattern carved on the box carved on the box. It looks like a charming and strange flower, and it looks like a quiet cool mountain spring. The merchant opened the box again, and saw a crystal clear gemstone in it, with a strange light in the sun. Zheng Guoren met and thought, "No matter how beautiful the box is, it is better than that gem. I bought the gem back and let those people see it well ..." He took out a ingot and only took the gemstone. Just leave.
    This walking on the street with a gem, showing off every time, and walking up proudly, feeling that the sun today is much brilliant. At this time, an old man came from a distance. Zheng Guoren met and hurriedly greeted him, saying, "Let's take a look at the gem I just got!" "Huh?" It's a gem! This kind of stone is everywhere in the cave over there, alas, you are deceived again. "" Ah! "Zheng Guo yelled and threw the so -called" gem "out. He wanted to go to the theory of the businessman, but the businessman slipped early, leaving only himself in place.
    Comments: For the first time, Zheng Guoren only focused on his appearance and disregarded the essence, so that he made an improper choice for the end of the book. This time, he "sucked" the last lesson, only took the gem in the box, but was deceived again. In the vivid and detailed description, the little author wants to tell us that if you want to get the real baby, you have to have an extraordinary vision.
    This Takuya Naizhu Continuation Article 12 "Buy the Better Return Pearl". You may not be familiar with the idiom. For the cabinet of Mulan, smoke cinnamon pepper, decorated with pearl jade, decorated with roses, and edited Yucui. Zheng people buy their crickets and return their pearls. "
    The main meaning is that in the Spring and Autumn Period, the Chu State person got a pearl. He wanted to sell it. In order to sell a good price, he came up with a way. He made a box with Mulan Xiangmu. In this way, the pearl was particularly valuable, so the owner happily took it to the market to sell it. At this time, a Zheng Guiren came over. As soon as he saw this beautiful wooden box, he was immediately attracted. He spent a lot of money to sell this wooden box, looked at it with his hands and looked at it. After watching it for a long time, he opened the wooden box and took out the pearl inside. The seller thought he would like to like the bead, but he never expected that he had given the bead back and did not live, and he left with the wooden box.
    Actually. This kind of thing happened in life. In modern society, our lives are full of various temptations. Like engaging in the mall, there will be many gifts. Some people often do not need this product, but they will buy it for gifts.
    The a while ago, we went to the supermarket to buy something and looked at a variety of shelves. My brother suddenly pointed at a box of milk and said, "Mom, I want to buy milk!" , I only drank one or two bottles, so I had to buy other milk to drink? "Mom said to her brother. At this time, the salesman came over and said, "You buy it for him, this kind of milk has been special recently!" He said and took out the gift -a plush toy, my brother saw it as soon as he saw it when he saw it. This plush toy is shining with both eyes. I think my brother bought this box of milk mainly for this plush toy. In the end, my brother finally bought the milk.
    Later, my mother and I accidentally went to other supermarkets because of buying fruits. As a result, I also found the same milk, and the retail price was only 50 yuan. After returning home, I thought about it again: Although this kind of milk in the supermarket I was visiting last time has free gifts and special offers, it is impossible to be cheap. I took a look at this box of milk. The original price was 69 yuan, the current price was 59 yuan, which was 10 yuan cheaper. But my mother has also seen this kind of milk in another supermarket. It only costs more than fifty yuan, which is not cheaper than here, and maybe it is a few yuan. Moreover, do you really want to buy this box of milk to drink? After thinking about it, I think this special event is not a event that can really save you money, but a usual sales trick of the mall. But the most important thing is that to truly recognize the real meaning of things, we must not just look at the appearance and other things. "Buy the beads" is an ancient joke. Because of the gorgeous appearance, it ignores the inner value ownership. When we are talking, the metropolis will laugh at the stupidity of Zheng people, but in real life, some people will unknowingly make these mistakes.
    Me buying a lot of beads to write articles 13 Chu State has a businessman who sells jewelry. His jewelry made ordinary people look at it, it was really white and flawless, beautiful and moving, and thought it was a priceless treasure. But let the eye -catching people know at a glance that this jewelry is fake.
    This jewelry was imitated by himself. It was real, and he couldn't see it without looking carefully. In order to sell the "jewelry", in order to make people think that his "jewelry" is very historically, he found a small wooden box he thought from the people and put the "jewelry" inside. He came to the collection box and opened it, put it on a table, and boasted his "jewelry" to passersby. At this time, a young man walked towards the businessman. The businessman immediately laughed and said to the young people, "Come and see my jewelry", this is the top pearl, the opportunity must not be lost, no longer come! "The young man was talked about, asked the price, and bought two" jewelry ".
    The young man was afraid of being deceived, and found a clear -eyed person to identify it. As a result, it was seen that" jewelry "was fake. The young man was so angry that he found the businessman, recovered the silver, took the merchant who sold fake jewelry, and drank a flowering water, and finally kicked out the Chu State. At home, take out the box and show off in front of the family. His old mother listened to the ins and outs of the dragon, knowing that his son was fooled, and he spent so many entanglement. Fool! I do n’t even know if I am deceived. I am still showing off here. What is the use of you? Don't go soon! "Zhao Guoren knelt down and kneeled down to his old mother. But his mother was indifferent. A full meal. On this day, the old man saw him, and the old man asked him ": Do you want to live a good life with me in the 21st century? "When Zhao Guoren heard it, he was happy and said," Okay, okay! "The old man listened and waved his hand, and the two of them suddenly came to the 21st century. The old man said to Zhao Guoren," Can you live a good life, it depends on your own creation! "After speaking, it disappeared.
    Profting Zhao Guoren to find a job everywhere after the old man left, and thought about the good son. On this day, a large enterprise was recruiting. After the selection. After the job, Zhao Guoren worked hard. After two years of climbing, he became an deputy manager. The boss appreciated him. He suddenly increased his prestige. , The boss decided to buy the opponent's product for reference, knowing that he was known. The boss called Zhao Guoren and explained the intention of the matter to him, and instructed him to handle this matter. : This time I can definitely do it!
    A Zhao Guoren took the money and bought a lot of competitors' products. After spending the money, he pushed a lot of products, and he was proud of The boss praised! At this time, he thought of his previous experience, thinking: As long as the boss needs the product of the opponent, the packaging is useless! Think of the packaging and throw it away. This time I appreciate my ability to do it.
    Returned to the company. Zhao Guoren showed the packaging product to the boss. The boss saw it and said, "I want you to buy your opponent's product, of course, of course, of course To study their packaging, packaging is also one of the brand competition! You are fired. "Zhao Guoren was kicked out of the company by the boss.
    This time Zhao Guoren understood a deep truth. When facing new problems, he could not use old methods. Different problems should be solved in different methods.

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