Musk's move into Smartphones, Codenamed PI, Beats the iPhone?

Tesla, the world's largest electric car maker, is reportedly working on a smartphone. Maybe billionaire Elon Musk really will take over Apple's huge market with this new Tesla phone. Tesla has been working on a futuristic smartphone called the Model PI for the past year, but has yet to have an interview. So how awesome is this phone? Can you really beat the iPhone? Is Apple really going bye-bye?

We know that Apple is the leader in the smartphone industry, but the PI is extremely powerful and has more features than Apple's iPhone, but we know that Apple doesn't talk about specs. For years, Apple was the king of the smartphone industry, selling millions of smartphones each year. Last year, for example, the Cupertino-based company sold more than 200 million Apple iphones. That means Apple is doing very well in the smartphone space. Nonetheless, a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire smartphone industry has just arrived: Musk, the world's richest man 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

According to the world's richest man, who believes Musk's huge investment in products is enough for the world to look forward to, the PI phone has everything it needs. He believed that everything he did would come true. With Tesla on his back, Musk could really disrupt the phone industry. Tesla produced more electric vehicles and cars last year, delivering 184,800 electric vehicles, according to Tesla. Model 3 and Model Y vehicles accounted for 95% of deliveries in the first quarter of this year. Not only that, but Elon is getting more results with space, putting more satellites into space at an incredible rate and thus attracting more customers.

6216739fed29948f82ce80678a3bfcebThere are clear signs that Elon's PI is about to surpass the drab Apple iPhone as it enters a crazy future smartphone industry. What sparked the demand for crazy PI phones? Perhaps Apple's iPhone could be the best smartphone on the market in decades. Musk, after all, uses an iPhone, and if you look at Elon's tweets, you'll see that every one of them has the words "Twitter for iPhone." Unfortunately, tech billionaire Musk isn't happy with Apple's iPhone. What are the reasons?

According to Musk, who is understood to have had trouble with Apple's hard to type features in autocorrect, Apple needs to fix the autocorrect feature. As a result of the setbacks, Musk sent out three tweets, including one denouncing Apple. One read: "Please fix A-W-E-T-O-E-K-R-E-Q-T, this is an incorrect typo. In addition, Musk was not happy with Apple's iPhone software update in his recent interview, and he was disappointed with Apple's iPhone. Speaking at an event in Washington, Musk said: "People are used to phones getting better and better every year. I'm an iPhone user, but I don't think some of the recent software updates have been very good."

It has to be said that the world's richest man is willful, but no matter for Musk's personal reasons, or the layout of the industry. Tesla has now started making the PI to meet the challenge posed by the iPhone. Tesla PI type mobile phone has the characteristics of futurism. Millions of fans certainly prefer to use the musk design of mobile phone to complement their other tesla products, such as electric motors. Due to this factor, Tesla established their own assembly plant, through the mobile phone manufacturing a good model, because the company has its own traditional manufacturing products.

That's different from Apple, which famously doesn't make phones, but instead designs and develops smartphones in the U.S. and outsources them to manufacturing companies, such as camera lens cpus, monitors and other devices made by partners around the world -- the opposite of Elon's idea. Tesla has built an independent production process, using the PI model, with unique features.

For example, have you ever wanted a real wireless charging system for your phone? Maybe the Tesla PI is what you've been waiting for. Tesla PI type phones contain a built-in solar panel. The user can use it to charge their phone, rather than relying on the connector. Of course, this is not a function first. There have been many years ago, but this function, which accords with the concept of ecological tesla brand, also using the tesla, has developed solar technology.

On the other hand, this is a wireless charging smartphone on the market that can be charged with just a ray of sunlight. Meanwhile, incredibly, Tesla's phone doesn't even require a SIM card, unlike Apple's iPhone, which uses a nano-SIM card. And Tesla's PI phone is the first smartphone on the planet to mine cryptocurrency, which is now the reserve of multiple computers. The PI phone will mine Mars coins, which will be used on the Red Planet, later, of course. The PI phone will also be able to connect to the Internet at high speed using the Tesla StarLink satellite service. It has the highest download speeds on the Internet, up to megabits per second, compared with Apple's iPhone Internet connection.

The Tesla smartphone is said to have a 108-megapixel main camera, a 6.5-inch 4K screen, a Snapdragon 898 processor and 2 terabytes of storage. And there are two lenses, so users can take pictures with one lens while taking pictures with the other. The Tesla phone will integrate a forward-facing camera, which not only makes its display more attractive, but also improves its long-term durability. Many of the features haven't been announced yet, and Apple won't be able to get away with them on their own, but it's also relatively cheap and cheaper than the iPhone. The PI's rumored price is just $690, and it's about as powerful as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It may soon be time to say goodbye to Apple.

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